2005.01.13 21:59 "[Tiff] libtiff release plans, Windows I/O", by Jeff Breidenbach

2005.01.14 04:59 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff release plans, Windows I/O", by Frank Warmerdam

I'm really looking forward to having this work on win32.

  fp = fopen( "foo.tif", "rb");

Earlier on this list it was mentioned that the default win32 I/O behaviour might be changed to allow this - for the next release. Is that still on track?


It wasn't my understanding that this would become the default but it is very easy to build libtiff to use tif_unix.c for IO instead of tif_win32.c. I think Andrey was going to work a few quirks out to ensure it is very easy though I have never had any trouble doing that. With tif_unix, your example should work fine.

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