2001.01.29 03:54 "16 bit TIFF help", by Krishnamoorthy Raman

2001.01.31 02:00 "Re: 16 bit TIFF help", by Frank Warmerdam


I frequently works with 16bit, 32bit, floating point, and even complex TIFF files. They can work fine through libtiff, though some of the tools aren't up to handling them.

The byte order of the image data will match the byte order of the rest of the TIFF file, and the library will take care of reordering it into local machine order on a read.

I don't know that it is possible to use palettes with 16bit TIFF files. In theory it might be possible, but the palette would have to have 64K entries, and I am not sure that libtiff will even support it.

I don't have any conveniently stripped down code to show how to do work with 16bit files, but you can find a sample 16bit file at:


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