2004.12.10 19:18 "[Tiff] combining multiple tiffs into one", by Ken deKlerk

2004.12.10 21:51 "Re: [Tiff] combining multiple tiffs into one", by Andrey Kiselev

I am fairly new to libtiff but I have been asked to make a program to combine multiple number of tiffs into one tiff, allowing different placement of the tiffs and sizing. I've found a few good sites to get me started but none that deal with streaming multiple tiffs into one. The basic layout of the program (C/C++) is:

  1. get number of tiffs
  2. Read in tiffs (sizes, and other header format)
  3. Get desired position of tiffs in new image
  4. Convert tiffs to desired size and common format (colour, grey or b+w)
  5. Make one tiff, stream in tiff information where needed
  6. Save the tiff

The tiffs that are being read in are fairly large, can be black + white or colour and of varying resolution. This is a big task for a newbie and any help would be appreciated and any recommendations in reading would also be apprecitated

ImageMagick contains montage utility which is aimed for that purpose. But I'm suspecting it's source code is not easy reading (also I don't know how effectively it works for large images).


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