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2004.11.19 22:15 "[Tiff] g4 ->gimp ->g4 help?", by Chris Gregan
2004.11.20 05:12 "Re: [Tiff] g4 ->gimp ->g4 help?", by Kai-Uwe Behrmann

2004.11.19 22:15 "[Tiff] g4 ->gimp ->g4 help?", by Chris Gregan

Hello all,

Having navigated through the mysteries and mist of CVS, I am now attempting to perform the task I set out on. I have g4 compressed tiffs. I need to open them, edit them, and recompress them down to g4. I tried doing all of this in Gimp but it hates these g4s and complains about Byte=1 everytime. So I used tiffcp -c none to uncompress the file. Now Gimp is ok. I then edit, and save. Now when I try tiffcp -c g4 it complains about Byte = 1. Is there a better (read "successful) way to do this? I am susspicious that gimp down not handle b&w well, and converts to greyscale. Is there a better editor to use? Thanks.

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