2004.07.30 17:41 "[Tiff] TIFFClientOpen required functions", by Brandon Low

2004.07.30 18:56 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFClientOpen required functions", by Andrey Kiselev

I hope I don't just get an RTFS for this, because I've been RTFSing all day and not been able to tell for certain the answer to my question.

Well... perhaps you have used wrong sources?

I'm working with another imaging package to manipulate my TIFF images, and the result of this is a chunk of CCITTG4 image data who's properties I know (width, resolution, etc.), but which I have no easy way to decompress. I was advised to use TIFFClientOpen to trick libtiff into decompressing my data and returning it through TIFFReadScanline. What I need to know now is: if I don't have a seekproc or a writeproc for my fake tiff file, will TIFFReadScanLine work, or do I need to create some version of everyi one of the arguments of TIFFClientOpen in order to use TIFFReadScanline.

Try the approach, used in the fax2tiff utility. It should do exactly what you want. And that utility is very short, so you will not spend too long time reading its sources ;-)


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