2001.12.31 04:15 "Partial Extraction of a Scanline?", by Bad Badtz

2001.12.31 04:34 "Re: Partial Extraction of a Scanline?", by Peter Montgomery


I don't believe that you can read a partial scanline, however, others on the list may correct this. If the image were tiled, you could of course read it a tile at a time and build your own scanline. However, I am curious just how big can your scanline possibly be? An image that is 32,0000 pixels across (mighty big in my opinion) and RGBA would still take up only 128 KB of memory. Certainly this wouldn't take long to allocate at all. Even if the image were 1 million pixels across and RGBA, it would still take only 4 MB of memory. Just how big are these images that allocating a buffer big enough to hold it would take any appreciable amount of time?