2002.03.14 05:41 "Handling TIFF 'files' in memory", by Tim Josling

2002.03.20 13:05 "Re: Handling TIFF 'files' in memory", by Jon Saxton

I have a need to create a large number (800,000) of tiff images for loading into a database. Is it possible to do this without creating a file per image. That is can I create the TIFF images in memory so that I can then write them into a file myself?

I handle about four million images per day and package these in TIFF bundles containing 10,000 to 15,000 images. To retrieve the images I needed random access to arbitrary pages within the TIFF bundle and to support that I designed an extension to TIFF which is completely transparent to extant software. It implements a simple, distributed, extensible IFD index which lets me access images 12, 9408, 410 and 12886 all in constant time without the overhead of traversing the IFD chain.

If anyone is interested, I shall post it on my web site as a proposal for consideration and public critique.

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