2000.11.30 06:27 "Problem with CCITT Group 4 file", by Stefan Schulz

2000.11.30 21:23 "Re: Problem with CCITT Group 4 file", by Peter Skarpetis

That's scanline -1 in a 32-bit int.

Unfortunately i have no influence in generating these images, so i have to take what i get. Is there a way to read/view these files with libtiff? As viewers i tried gview, ImageMagick, xtiff and gimp which all depend on libtiff and all failed to open these files.

You might try viewfax too. It does not rely on libtiff, although it uses essentially the same decoder.


It has a -v flag that may give some information about the input file.

Are you guys using the latest patches for 3.5.5?

A while a got I posted a patch that fixed the last remaining short that was left over after the conversion to longs. If you seach the recent archives you will find a patch for the CCITG4 decompressor. And since your file is wider than 65535 pixels this would definitely apply.

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