2002.02.28 10:20 "Text To TIFF", by Siddhartha

2002.02.28 19:46 "Re: Text To TIFF", by Bob Friesenhahn

Is it possible to convert text file to a TIFF-F File?

You'd need a "text layout engine" that would layout the individual characters into their visual representation. Then you'd combine that with a rasterizer that would take the layout and produce a vector image of same.

If it's "plain ASCII" text, then you could use tools like FreeType or ImageMagick in conjunction with simple line wrapping logic to accomplish this.

That sounds like a complicated solution. A simple solution would be to format the text to Postscript using a tool like a2ps or GNU's enscript, and then convert that to an image using Ghostscript.

Bob Friesenhahn