2001.01.17 14:36 "building tiff lib with VC6", by Lv Ji

2001.01.17 21:47 "RE: building tiff lib with VC6", by Michael DeChaine

It's not hard, just follow the directions in html/build.html. Of course, it took me a while to find the directions too.

- Michael

>From build.html:

Building the Software under Windows 95/98/NT/2000 with MS VC++

With Microsoft Visual C++ installed, and properly configured for commandline use (you will likely need to source VCVARS32.BAT in AUTOEXEC.bAT or somewhere similar) you should be able to use the provided makefile.vc.

C:\LIBTIFF\LIBTIFF> nmake /f makefile.vc
C:\LIBTIFF\LIBTIFF> cd ..\tools
C:\LIBTIFF\TOOLS> nmake /f makefile.vc

This will build the library file LIBTIFF\LIBTIFF\LIBTIFF.LIB. This can be used in Win32 programs. If used in a project using the /MD compiler switch (using the runtime C library), it may be necessary to modify the CFLAGS macro in makefile.vc to correspond.

The makefile also builds a DLL (libtiff.dll) with an associated import library (libtiff_i.lib). Any builds using libtiff will need to include the LIBTIFF\LIBTIFF directory in the include path.

The libtiff\tools\makefile.vc should build .exe's for all the standard TIFF tool programs.

NOTE: The contents of the contrib/win32 directory should no longer be needed, and are kept in the distribution temporarily