2000.11.29 14:18 "more G4", by Andy

2000.11.29 18:36 "Re: more G4", by Andy

I am thinking that on the system that there is image data recorded. I am thinking that the libtiff code gets a tag it doesn't expect.

I have some other G4 images that are difficult to decode. Is there a tool to read G4 meta-data and print it?

About the EOFB code, most data that the software gets converts correctly, or Adobe Acrobat handles GroupIV data in a given way.

Does anyone know regular architectural limits of Group 4 data in given products? For example, different versions of Acrobat have different maximum sizes of a Group IV tile.

About Group 4, I guess it is Group IV or Group 4. It is CCITT (now ITU-T) standard for black and white image data compression.


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