2007.01.15 15:12 "[Tiff] TiffOpen opens file too long", by Tomasz Bywalec

2007.01.15 17:56 "Re: [Tiff] TiffOpen opens file too long", by Joris Van Damme


When I was trying to compile libTiff for PocketPC, I've had to made one little "fix" - standard C library for PocketPC which is included in my Visual C++ doesn't contain bsearch function. I fixed it in that way that I copied it from CRT library source code and pasted into some file in LibTiff which needed that function. There were some macros doing argument checks at the beginning of function - however I just removed them and compiled the library. And it works quite good :) (at least, I've never seen any core dump made by libTiff :) - however, maybe it could be the reason?

May be so, as no other possible reason springs to my mind, seeing your tagdump.

But let's double-check. Could you post a copy of the file to my private e-mail address, so that I can check and see what goes on with my copy of LibTiff?

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