2004.11.29 20:48 "[Tiff] Q on tag size", by Chris Losinger

2004.11.29 21:10 "Re: [Tiff] Q on tag size", by Andrey Kiselev


in tif_dir.c, _TIFFVGetField, there's this bit of code to grab 'custom' tags

                 if( fip->field_passcount )
                     *va_arg(ap, unsigned short *) = (unsigned short) tv->count;
                     *va_arg(ap, void **) = tv->value;
                     ret_val = 1;

given that "unsigned short", i wonder: does the TIFF spec actually limit tag sizes to 64K? i wouldn't think so, since the TIFF tag structure allows for a 32-bit length.

That is a bug and it was fixed today. Grab the latest CVS snapshot to get the changes.


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