2004.07.21 05:28 "[Tiff] JPEG Compression Support", by Jean Paul Mir V.

2004.07.22 20:31 "RE: [Tiff] JPEG Compression Support", by Fernando Loygorri

Unfortunately the 'old-style' JPEG compression is not supported by the upstream libtiff developers. You have the two choices:

  1. Dig into the problem yourself (and contribute the patches back to us ;-)
  2. Force your users to drop out their software producing old style JPEGs and switch them to the latest TIFF standard.

More unfortunately, the latest TIFF standard (6.0, June 3, 1992) defines this so-called "old style JPEG". And, yes, I'm aware of the technical note number 2 of March 17, 1995, but it can be argued that being titled "DRAFT TIFF Technical Note #2" hardly makes it part of any standard.

Considering the number of tools out there that can handle TIFFs with compression 6, I don't understand why libtiff is different.

Along with the 4MB limit, this is, in my view, the most important reason to update the standard.

Fernando Loygorri