2004.07.11 18:47 "[Tiff] sampleper pixel", by Balint Radics

2004.07.12 09:01 "Re: [Tiff] sampleper pixel", by Balint Radics

If the file has one sample per pixel and is of type float (4 bytes per pixel, sampleformat ieeefloat) then you would do something like this:

      buf = _TIFFmalloc(TIFFScanlineSize(Tif));
      for (int row = 0; row < ImageHeight; row++){
        TIFFReadScanline(Tif, buf, row);
        "reading the buff somehow";
        for( int pixel = 0; pixel < ImageWidth; pixel++ ) {
           printf( "value[%d,%d] = %f\n",
                   pixel, row, ((float *) buf)[pixel] );

Thanx,but what due to my inspect the TIFFTAG_SAMPLESPERPIXEL tag sais that my file has 1076232193 samplesperpixel.What does that mean??? Just to be correct:

int samplesperpixel;
TIFFGetField(Tif, TIFFTAG_SAMPLESPERPIXEL, &samplesperpixel);
cout << samplesperpixel << endl;

was the code.