2015.06.16 14:39 "[Tiff] CMake support for building libtiff", by Roger Leigh

2015.06.18 22:15 "Re: [Tiff] 4.0.4beta: Symbol differences on Unix and Windows", by Bob Friesenhahn

Looking over the exported symbols between Unix (FreeBSD/ELF with nm -D) and Windows (the libtiff.def list), there are a lot of missing symbols on Windows. I've attached a list showing which are missing. Would it be possible to update the symbol list for 4.0.4? Some symbols are likely not supposed to be exported on Unix (expecially those without a TIFF or _TIFF prefix) and should probably be ignored.

Linux/FreeBSD/ELF exports all non-static symbols by default and this is usually unwanted. In this case, Windows is ahead of default ELF linkage. I do see at least one new symbol which should have been exposed for Windows.

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