2004.08.11 13:24 "[Tiff] Bugzilla working again.", by Frank Warmerdam

2004.08.11 13:47 "Re: [Tiff] Bugzilla working again.", by Joris Van Damme

bugzilla.remotesensing.org is working again (pointing to the old instance hosted at imagelinks.com) so PROJ.4, libtiff, libgeotiff and GDAL bug handling should be returning to normal.

Most excellent news! I'll revive the pointers to it from the mails in the archive.

I'd like to add a little announcement of my own. There is a new TIFF FAQ.


I'm hosting it, but credit also goes to Andrey and Frank. A few final suggestions from Frank have not yet been included, aside from that, it's up to you all to improve it. I welcome any contributions and suggestions as usual.

Joris Van Damme
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