2004.11.17 18:13 "[Tiff] compatibility patch", by Jeff Breidenbach

2004.11.24 06:33 "Re: [Tiff] compatibility patch", by Andrey Kiselev

> > But what a problem with the standard tif_win32.c? Your new
> > tif_win32crt.c will be not portable anyway and specific for > > Windows.

As stated in the patch, the problem with the standard tif_win32.c is that I can't make the following call from a windows application:

  fp = fopen( "foo.tif", "rb")

This matters because my application only has a file pointer (FILE *fp) available when it calls libtiff. This is a very clean and convenient interface. It works great with libtiff on *nix. With the patch, it also works for Win32.

So somehow combining the best of both files. I think we want:

  • 4GB files
  • memory-mapped files
  • the more user-friendly Win32 error handler from tif_win32.c

Let's put "consistant calling interfaces between Win32 and Unix" on the list as well.

Ok, that will be useful. I shall incorporate your patch (as an optional feature) in the main trunk.


Andrey V. Kiselev
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