2007.01.31 10:53 "[Tiff] Interpreting SubIFDs tag", by mikk

2007.01.31 19:54 "Re: [Tiff] Interpreting SubIFDs tag", by Joris Van Damme


I just scanned my set of test images. Unfortunately I don't have a sample where the next IFD pointer is used in the SubIFD. However, I did note there are a number of images where the next IFD pointer is not even written for Interop and Exif IFD's (ie. not zero but not meaningful either). So it looks like one should ignore the next IFD pointer for these IFD's.

So my question is: For what IFD's is the next-IFD pointer meaningful? (IFD0 obviously, SubIFD apparently, but what is the official word on Interop and Exif IFD's, and what about GlobParam and GPS IFD's?)

...and what about private tags we don't know what they might mean and can have the IFD datatype?

The fact that this last question exists, does indicate an answer, to me. It proves we need to think of reading the IFD tree scheme independently of the meaning of tags. Only in a second stage or on a second layer of the code, can we make assumptions based on tag meaning, for example that a second IFD in an EXIF IFD list isn't quite meaningfull.

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Joris Van Damme
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