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November 2018

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2018.11.10 19:39 "[Tiff] Libtiff 4.0.10 is now available", by Bob Friesenhahn
2018.12.11 14:24 "Re: [Tiff] SeekOK and WriteOK", by Emmanuel Cosnard
2018.12.11 14:01 "Re: [Tiff] SeekOK and WriteOK", by Bob Friesenhahn
2018.12.11 14:29 "Re: [Tiff] SeekOK and WriteOK", by Nicolas RUFF

2018.12.11 14:29 "Re: [Tiff] SeekOK and WriteOK", by Nicolas RUFF

This might be by design of the API :)

lseek() returns -1 in both cases:

  • lseek(-1, SEEK_SET)
  • An error occurred

You have to clear then check errno to distinguish between cases.

Le mar. 11 déc. 2018 à 15:24, Emmanuel Cosnard <> a écrit:

> Hello,
> I am using the function TIFFWriteData to write some data on a custome tag, and it seems, that on some rare occasion, > rationnal
> if (SeekOK(tif, dir->tdir_offset) && WriteOK(tif, cp, cc))
> Is there a way to do some intelligent retry here, instead of returning an Or can we know why the WriteOK or SeekOK didn't work properly? > error?

> Thanks and regards,
> Emmanuel

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