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June 2005

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2005.06.22 06:03 "API needed", by Katrina Maramba
2005.06.22 13:18 "Re: API needed", by Frank Warmerdam
2005.06.22 15:56 "Re: API needed", by Bob Friesenhahn

2005.06.22 13:18 "Re: API needed", by Frank Warmerdam

On 6/22/05, katrina maramba <> wrote:
> Is there an API available in LIbtiff that supports the following: 
> Input - can be smaller than strips/tiles (an incomplete strip or tile) 
>           for example:  a data of 8Kb from a image of 50Kb which has 5
> strips of 10Kb each. 
> Output - raster of RGB data, size depends on the input's size 


I believe the only libtiff functions for reading image chunks smaller
than a tile/strip is the scanline oriented interface.   Generally
speaking you would need to manage the tiles/strips yourself
to extract an arbitrary subwindow. 

Many higher level imaging APIs using libtiff will take care of
this for you, including my geospatially oriented GDAL library.

I would be the first to conceed that the libtiff API is very closely
tied to the TIFF organization itself, and does not provide a very
abstract interface to the underlying image data. 

Best regards,
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