2018.10.28 13:28 "[Tiff] Releasing more frequently", by

2018.10.28 13:28 "[Tiff] Releasing more frequently", by

Hi TIFF people,

Thanks for maintaining this widely used & necessary library.

I help to package it for a package manager with a lot of other things that use it.

Every once in a while, we hear about a vulnerability, and we'd like our packages to be as safe as posisble to use, so we make sure to update to the latest version, or backport the fix.

Keeping up with the latest version of most things has been good, even if they are unsure if a fix has security impact, we still get it by using the latest version.

With TIFF, that has been difficult - we miss some of the reports that might be security-important (there are a bunch of them to keep track), and patching to the now year old 4.0.9 release isn't smooth.

Would you consider the latest git to be somewhat stable?

Could I convince you to release more often? :-) I assume other people want to have the fixes, the ease of telling if there's something notable that resulted in a different version number, etc.