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2010.12.06 16:32 "Security vulnerability CVE-2010-3847", by <>
2010.12.06 18:44 "Re: Security vulnerability CVE-2010-3847", by Lee Howard
2010.12.06 20:09 "Re: Security vulnerability CVE-2010-3847", by Tom Lane
2010.12.08 01:19 "Re: Security vulnerability CVE-2010-3847", by Lee Howard
2010.12.07 16:07 "Re: Security vulnerability CVE-2010-3847", by <>

2010.12.08 01:19 "Re: Security vulnerability CVE-2010-3847", by Lee Howard

Tom Lane wrote:
> Lee Howard <> writes:
>> I've just now committed the in-line patch found on...
> I find the patch given in #2228 pretty unsatisfactory, as it's
> throwing away image quality to produce what seems no better than a
> cargo-cult solution to the problem.  Turning off fancy upsampling
> doesn't affect the number of output pixels libjpeg produces.  It
> would cause it to not *read* adjacent rows for averaging purposes,
> but if that causes a segfault then your problem is elsewhere.
> It is certainly not fixing the problem explained in #2140, which
> is that the required output buffer size is underestimated.

Very well.  I've backed-out (undone) the patch.

For what it's worth, the various distros (well, SUSE at least) were 
applying that patch as well as the one from 2140.

>> ... I'm not sure if that small change resolves CVE-2010-3087.  The 
>> various distros are using Tom Lane's patch on...
>> ... as a resolution to CVE-2010-3087.
>> You can see on the bug report that Frank seemed to object to Tom's 
>> proposal on Bug 2140, so I think for the moment we're stuck there 
>> needing some further response from Frank on this.  (Frank?)
> For the record, *I* don't much like that patch either :-).  I think it's
> OK for the limited purpose of stopping core dumps, but it's far from
> resolving all the issues complained of in #2140.

Thanks for your comments.

I've applied and committed the 2140 patch to the 3.9 branch.

The patch does not apply at all to tif_strip.c in HEAD (4.0).  However, 
the segfault does not occur there...

[root@gollum libtiff]# tools/tiffcmp -l /tmp/libtiffpic/quad-jpeg.tif 
/tmp/libtiffpic/quad-jpeg.tif ; echo $?
TIFFReadScanline: scanline oriented access is not supported for 
downsampled JPEG compressed images, consider enabling TIFF_JPEGCOLORMODE 
/tmp/libtiffpic/quad-jpeg.tif: EOF at scanline 0
[root@gollum libtiff]#

I suspect that this result with HEAD is satisfactory since the aim of 
the 3.9 patching was to avoid the crash.