2004.04.01 22:03 "[Tiff] Installing TIFF", by Margie Martinez

2004.04.04 16:45 "Re: [Tiff] Installing TIFF", by Andrey Kiselev

Hello, Margie,

I am working on a IBM AIX Unix box and I'm trying to install TIFF because another library (GLib & gtk) require TIFF.

I found the website that has many download files but I'm not sure which ones I should use. I use gzip so I know the ending of the file should be "...tar.gz" (ftp://ftp.remotesensing.org/pub/libtiff/ )

Do I use any of the following files:


Yes, that is the latest versions.



is the lates one. This is the bundle of TIFF images used to test the library. Likely you don't need the one.

What is the purpose of the comopression-kit and do I really need it to run tiff?

LZW algorithm is patented in some countries, so code, supporting that compression type was moved out from the library. You need that package if you want to create LZW-compressed TIFF files (support for decompression are included in the library itself).

Also is the command "tiff" or "tiffgt"?

tiffgt is a simple TIFF viewer (you need OpenGL and GLUT libraries to use it, it is not compiled by default). But you can use more functional Gtk-based (or imlib-based) viewers as soon as you install all that stuff onto your system. They will operate via libtiff.

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