1998.05.25 13:12 "LibTiff and ASCII2TIFF Conversion", by John Daley

1998.05.26 11:13 "Re: LibTiff and ASCII2TIFF Conversion", by Frank D. Cringle

As far as I can see, LibTiff does not provide a tool to convert ASCII to TIFF.

I don't know any direct conversion-tool but a possible solution could be a pipe/batch of the following:

an ascii_to_ps filter like genscript.
then GhostScript to produce ppm
finally in the libtiff there's a ppm2tiff tool

genscript: http://www.ngs.fi/mtr/genscript/index.html GhostScript: http://www.gnu.org/software/ghostscript/ghostscript.html

Can't garantuee any performance :)

Ghostscript can produce various tiff formats directly.

A simpler but less featureful method is to use pbmtext | pnmtotiff.

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