2009.04.09 15:21 "[Tiff] (no subject)", by Navarro, Miguel

2009.04.09 18:16 "[Tiff] Building libtiff on AIX", by Richard Nolde

   Depending on how you built/installed your gcc on AIX, eg from the IBM

freeware site or rolled your own, it should be under the gcc path for that compiler version.

find /opt/freeware/lib/gcc/powerpc-ibm-aix5.3.0.0/4.1.1/ -name "libgcc_s*" /opt/freeware/lib/gcc/powerpc-ibm-aix5.3.0.0/4.1.1/ppc64/libgcc_s.a




Note, however, that the binutils linker ld is generally considered broken for any C++ code on AIX unless this has been fixed since the 4.1.1 release. I use LIBTIFF extensively under AIX and I build by first setting environment variables for LD, RANLIB, and AR to point to the AIX versions. I set CC, CXX, MAKE, SED, AWK, and SHELL to point to the /opt/freeware/bin versions. You need current versions of libtool as well.

Since the binutils version of ld cannot handle the mixed 32/64 bit libraries on AIX and doesn't always do the right think for shared libraries, I have simply renamed/removed it so that it can never be found.

Richard Nolde


First, find the library libgcc_s on the system. if you find it anywhere note down the path and add that path to env LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Then build the libtiff again. I hope it will resolve the issue

On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 8:51 PM, Navarro, Miguel (COC) <MiguelN@miamidade.gov > wrote:

> I am getting the following error when trying to make the libtiff library on AIX 5.3:

libtool: link: gcc -o .libs/libtiff.so.3.8.2 .libs/tif_aux.o .libs/tif_close.o .libs/tif_codec.o .libs/tif_color.o .libs/tif_compress.o .libs/tif_dir.o .libs/tif_dirinfo.o

.libs/tif_dirread.o .libs/tif_dirwrite.o .libs/tif_dumpmode.o .libs/tif_error.o .libs/tif_extension.o .libs/tif_fax3.o

.libs/tif_fax3sm.o .libs/tif_flush.o .libs/tif_getimage.o .libs/tif_jpeg.o .libs/tif_luv.o .libs/tif_lzw.o .libs/tif_next.o

.libs/tif_ojpeg.o .libs/tif_open.o .libs/tif_packbits.o .libs/tif_pixarlog.o .libs/tif_predict.o .libs/tif_print.o

.libs/tif_read.o .libs/tif_strip.o .libs/tif_swab.o .libs/tif_thunder.o .libs/tif_tile.o .libs/tif_unix.o .libs/tif_version.o

.libs/tif_warning.o .libs/tif_write.o .libs/tif_zip.o .libs/libtiff.lax/libport.a/dummy.o -lm -lc -lc -Wl,-bnoentry -Wl,-brtl `if test "x" != "x"; then print -r "X-Wl," | /usr/bin/sed -e 1s/^X//; else :; fi` -Wl,-bexport:.libs/libtiff.exp -shared -Wl,-G collect2: library libgcc_s not found

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

>> Mike N