2009.06.30 13:20 "[Tiff] Errors parsing TIFF/GeoTIFF files greater than 2GB", by Richmond, Jim

2009.06.30 13:34 "Re: [Tiff] Errors parsing TIFF/GeoTIFF files greater than 2GB", by Richmond, Jim

We're running with Solaris 10.

Richmond, Jim wrote:

> Hi, we're using version 3.8.2 of the TIFF library (I think we'd

downloaded it from remotesensing.org) and are running into problems parsing files greater than 2GB. This is the first time that

> we've ever dealt with files greater than this size. Here's

the portion of our C++ code untouched for many years). (it's been

TIFF  *TIFFPtr = (TIFF *)0;

TIFFPtr = XTIFFOpen (imageFilename, "r");

retCode = TIFFGetField(TIFFPtr,  TIFFTAG_IMAGEWIDTH,  &myImageWidth);

It looks like either the call to XTIFFOpen is returning a null pointer

> or the call to TIFFGetField is returning a value of FALSE. I've seen

references in the archives to other people with similar issues, but was wondering if there is some type of configuration value that I can change in version 3.8.2 to get this to work. Thanks!


What are you using for low level IO? Is this using tif_win32.c on windows? tif_unix.c on linux? Solaris? One issues at the 2GB barrier is ensuring that you are using a large file enabled file io implementation. On win32 the tif_unix implementation is 32bit and only up to 2GB. On linux it should normally be 64bit. On other unix platforms it may or may not support large files. If you have implemented your own low level file IO layer for some reason, then that can also be an issue.


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