1998.03.13 19:15 "6.0 JPEG Support", by Raymond Lieb

1998.03.13 21:38 "Re: 6.0 JPEG Support", by James Palo

Forgive me if this questions has been asked and answered, but I just joined the list. (I also checked the archives, but the latest message is dated January 1995.)

I need to read TIFF files that were created using the 6.0 JPEG spec. (compression type 6) Is there a source file that supports this?

> You need to check the embeded flag. There are 2 versions of jpeg in a .tif file. If embeded then you can call the Independant Jpeg group code as a whole once you get the start of the data stream. Embeded jpegs are full Ansi Baseline Jpeg images contained in a .tif file. If the embeded flag is not set then you will need to parse the Huffman, and quantization tables out from their own tags. The data stream is a standard compressed jpeg data. This format requires knowledge of tiff and jpeg formats.

Jim Palo

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