1998.07.29 19:13 "16 bit grayscale", by Mark Koch

1998.07.29 23:21 "Re: 16 bit grayscale", by Sam Leffler

IMHO the spec "leaves a lot to be desired". I tried to get the 6.0 version rewritten for clarity and/or reorganized but the folks in charge felt differently from me (i.e. that it was a fine document). I also tried to get a conformance test suite and/or sample set of test images put together for 6.0 but was told it was unneeded. After that I saw no benefit in putting any energy into future versions of TIFF; the work I do now is solely to support my software for the purpose of promoting a common interchange format. After these many years it appears to me that my library as much as anything else defines the common format people think of as TIFF...