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1997.02.25 14:57 "Re: JBIG-in-TIFF", by Craig Jackson
1997.02.25 21:15 "Re: JBIG-in-TIFF", by Louis H. Sharpe II

1997.02.25 21:15 "Re: JBIG-in-TIFF", by Louis H. Sharpe II

Is there any support for JBIG compression in TIFF?

The JBIG Alliance ( has developed a proposed approach to JBIG under TIFF which differs somewhat from the earlier Pixel Magic approach and is more in keeping with the approach taken in TIFF Technical Note Number 2 for JPEG under TIFF, i.e., insulate (insofar as is possible) the TIFF i/o engine from the gory details of the miscellaneous encoder/decoders.

At least two patent licenses are required for use of JBIG (from IBM and AT&T), so although some implementations are floating around the net, I doubt they will ever make their way into libtiff.

My efforts to reach Adobe to discuss the JBIG Alliance proposal for inclusion in the next TIFF release haven't yet met with success.


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