2005.03.03 10:37 "[Tiff] Tiff G4", by Beppe Costagliola

2005.03.03 16:52 "Re: [Tiff] Tiff G4", by Bob Friesenhahn

(tiff I'm dealing with are graphyc reports that are converted to Pdf. Some of them must be retained at original fidelity but others can be archived at lower fidelity to save more space.)

If you can depend on (and afford) Adobe or some other commercial PDF creation software, then JBIG may be the best solution. Of course, then the PDF viewer needs to include support for JBIG. This may require a recent Adobe Acrobat viewer and may rule out some other viewers.

JBIG is an amazingly effective compression algorithm for black/white images. Except for the patent issues, it would be heavily used now.


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