2005.02.21 00:31 "[Tiff] problem viewing tiff-file", by Michel Brabants

2005.02.21 01:40 "Re: [Tiff] problem viewing tiff-file", by Frank Warmerdam

I was scanning a picture in windows to the tif-format. In windows there is a thumbnail that shows the picture ok. I also think an icc-profile is in the picture. I can't scan the picture at this resoluation under linux with sane. I would like to scan to tif since it puts an icc-profile in the file then and if I want to scan at 48 bits/pixel, I think that tiff is my only choice with the software I'm using. I'm trying to convert the picture to png under linux (and hoping to also put the icc-profile in the png), but it seems libtiff (I suppose) can't display it correctly and the conversion to png (using imagemagick's convert) also doesn't work.

When I try to view the original image, only a part of the image is displayed and there is an error message when I request info about the original tif-fil(output of tiffinfo):

  bompa001.tif: Warning, incorrect count for field "MinSampleValue" (1, expecting 3); tag ignored.
bompa001.tif: Warning, incorrect count for field "MaxSampleValue" (1, expecting 3); tag ignored.


This error message indicates that the MinSampleValue and MaxSampleValue are being ignored, but there is no reason to believe this would be causing a problem in display of the file.

I don't see any sign of ICC profile data in the tiffinfo report. I would add it is a 24bit (8 bits per band) file, not 48 bit.

I don't know why your viewer only shows part of the image. If you were to make the file available for download somewhere, someone might inspect it to give you feedback on what is going wrong or at least try it with other libtiff based applications.

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