1997.05.02 07:04 "BIG TIFF file problems", by Hans Christiansen

1997.05.02 21:24 "RE: BIG TIFF file problems", by Ed Grissom

If anyone knows about plans for getting around either of these problems in TIFF 7.0, I'd sure like to hear about them.

I doubt it will make the TIFF 7.0 spec, which is under review somewhere (are you still out there, Brian?). TIFF 8.0 maybe.

Are there any raster file formats that address this issue? I have not found any. If this is not to be addressed in TIFF 7.0, we may take Niles B.O.t.E. design and begin generating (not for general interchange) 64-bit addressable TIFF-type images. Anyone want to add to the design?

I have heard hints of TIFF 7.0 in the works at Adobe. Am I remembering wrong, or wasn't there much more discussion on this list (or another ad hoc one) prior to the release of the TIFF 6.0 spec? Does anyone know if Adobe plans for any public comment period for TIFF 7.0 or, even better, a discussion of what is desired in TIFF 7.0? Perhaps I missed it.

I would venture to say that to change this part of TIFF would require changing the version number from 42 to 56. (a gin-and-tonic to the first person to get this obscure half-joke).

Using up all the numbers in the old Chicago song "25 or 6 to 4"?

TIFF 6.0 - 6x7 = 42
TIFF 8.0 - 8x7 = 56?

ed grissom