1995.01.15 20:45 "bug in fax2ps", by Carl Lowenstein

1995.01.24 18:34 "Re: bug in fax2ps", by Sam Leffler

Elicited by trying to convert page 12 of HAKMEM, as obtained from MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Sources came as v3.3beta021.src.tar.gz.

File "contrib/fax2ps/fax2ps.c", rev 1.32.

There is a constant CODEHASH = 8209, used in construction of a hash table.

In principle, the size of the table "maxcodes" is increased from its initial value "MAXCODES = 6000" when the number of entries "ncodes" becomes too great.

However, when the number of entries "ncodes" becomes equal to 8209, the search through the table (lines 45-58 of fax2ps.c) seems to take forever.

If you have an example tiff that causes fax2ps to loop then please send it directly to me uuencoded in a mail message (or send me a patch to a file that I can retrieve by public ftp).