1996.12.27 13:59 "Doubt regarding TIFF", by Rajesh C S

1996.12.28 21:46 "Re: Doubt regarding TIFF", by Phillip Crews

I would like to get an answer for the following question:

Is there any image library that will run on 16-bit or 32-bit Windows Platforms and which can do the following things:

  1. Read a JPG image.
  2. Sharpen the Image.
  3. Convert it to Black&White image (if possible using Line Art).
  4. Remove spots (if possible).
  5. Save the image in TIFF format (With Group IV compression ) or PCX (B&W format).

ThumbsPlus will do this either singly or in batch mode. Additionally, you can use edge detection filters (several algorithms) to isolate the edges.

You can download an evaluation copy from <http://www.cerious.com>.

- Phillip