2014.04.10 14:36 "[Tiff] TIFFAppendToStrip: Write error", by Irvanda Kurniadi

2014.04.11 03:21 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFAppendToStrip: Write error", by Irvanda Kurniadi

On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 10:40 AM, Bob Friesenhahn < bfriesen@simple.dallas.tx.us> wrote:

> Hi,

I'm doing a project by involving libtiff. I got some error while running my program shown by this error message:

TIFFAppendToStrip: Write error at scanline 3806.

Error: Could not copy the picture

I run my program over Fiasco.OC microkernel. I test 2 kind of programs, the first program can run properly while the other program stuck in that error. I need to know what is the meaning of this error analyze the

>> problem. Please let me know if you by any chance understand about this.

This means that writing to the file failed for some reason using the parameters supplied in TIFFAppendToStrip(). The writer checks to see that the reported bytes written equals the number requested and if this fails, then an error is reported. There are many possible causes for the issue, many of which are outside of libtiff.

What sort of C library does the Fiasco.OC microkernel use?

Fiasco.OC use uClibc as the C library instead of gcc. I don't know whether this is related or not. I change the __assert_fail in my source code to __assert because the uClibc can't recognize the __assert_fail. The __assert_fail only exist in gcc. But I'm not quite sure if this case can cause a problem.

What filesystem is being used?

What do you mean by filesystem? Is it like x86 or amd64? I'm using x86 system.