2004.10.14 03:43 "[Tiff] Re: TIFF Installation Problem", by Benjamin Lau

2004.10.14 04:56 "Re: [Tiff] Re: TIFF Installation Problem", by Bob Friesenhahn

I was trying to install TIFF 3.7.0beta2 and during the installation, some compile-time errors were encountered. I am using MSYS on ym Win2k and its built-in compiler system and so, I used the configure script. I also have another MinGW compiler system and the MinGW GCC distributed with Dev-C++, an IDE for Windows.

My previous email was a lie. I did not get to fixing libtiff for MinGW in a couple of days, I got to fixing it now. However, you will have to check out the files from libtiff CVS in order to obtain the working version.

Libtiff needs to update to using libtool 2.0 as soon as it is released.


Bob Friesenhahn