2008.07.02 17:27 "[Tiff] BigTiff Support", by alexander johnson

2008.07.03 07:29 "Re: [Tiff] BigTiff Support", by alexander johnson

Thanks for the info. I have been looking around and I have found an Aperio version of libtiff where BigTiff have been implemented. How does this fair against the current official version 4.0 beta?

On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 7:47 PM, Edward Lam <edward@sidefx.com> wrote:

Probably so. For libtiff 'alpha' and 'beta' seem like fairly meaningless terms. For example "3.9.0beta" is clearly better than the formal 3.8.2 release.

Even so, it would be good if it actually said on the website that implementation of the BigTIFF spec has been completed. I for one didn't touch 4.0 until beta because I didn't think it was worth my effort to do so earlier.

If people really want to see libtiff 4.0.0 formally released, they should give it a serious try and report their findings (good or bad).

I don't disagree with this. I'm just proposing that there is clearer messaging to that effect on the website.