2003.12.19 07:14 "[Tiff] Reading and writing out TIFFTAG_CLIPPATH", by Jae Ho Lee

2003.12.19 08:18 "Re: [Tiff] Reading and writing out TIFFTAG_CLIPPATH", by Andrey Kiselev


I found out about libtiff while trying to create a low resolution(72dpi) tiff image from a high resolution tiff image and copy the clippath tag along. I downloaded libtiff 3.6.0 and tried 'tiffcp' tool which doesn't copy the clippath tag. I also looked through the mailing list and found some 'custom tag' related emails but they all got me confused.

I found 'Modifying the TIFF Library' page on the web and followed the instruction under the section 'Adding New Tags' but it did not work. I could not read TIFFTAG_CLIPPATH from tiff file saved by Adobe PhotoShop.

Could you supply me with a sample of the file with clipping path?


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