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1999.03.05 15:07 "Tiled Tiff", by Noureddine Farah
1999.03.05 15:40 "Re: Tiled Tiff", by Frank Warmerdam
1999.03.05 20:34 "Re: Tiled Tiff", by Johannes Leckebusch

1999.03.05 20:34 "Re: Tiled Tiff", by Johannes Leckebusch


I'm looking for samples of Tiled Tiff image. Any pointer or information will be appreciated.

In addition to other samples, I would encourage you to test with

It may be problematic in that it uses separate image planes and multiple samples. This appears to be a rare combination and causes some problem in tiffcp. Otherwise, you can just use tiffcp to create tiled files from existing striped files.

I loaded this image with a tiff filter written on the base on Sem Leffers TiffLib and could see no problems. My filter gives the following file information:

Fileinfo: 'D:\Projects\Filters\to-test\irv_stile(1).tif'
>>>>>>Real file entries:<<<<<<
Software: ''
Document Name: ''
Image Description: ''
Number of Directories: 1
Compression: dump mode (none)
Photometric: RGB color model
Sample Format: No SAMPLEFORMAT Tag!
Tile width: 64
Tile length: 64
Tile Depth: 0
Number of Tiles: 27
Planar Configuration: separate planes of data
Width (Image Width or pixels per scanline): 150
Height (Image Length or scanlines): 150
Bits per Sample: 8
Samples per Pixel: 3
Image Depth (Slices): 0
Frame Count (Frames) - not supported: 0
>>>>>>>>>Dimensions decoded to:<<<<<<<<<
Width (Image Width or pixels per scanline): 150
Height (Image Length or scanlines): 150
Bits per Sample: 8
Bands: 3
Z-Slices (Image Depth): 1
T-Slices (Frames): 1

I think, this is a perfectly normal RGB picture with separated planes.

But I would be more interested on examples with three dimensional pictures and picture sequences. With TiffLib I can load and save tiled images and use Imagedepth for the third dimension - this seems to work perfectly. But if I use strips to save the picture, the tiff lib seems to ignore the Imagedepth tag (you can write and read it, but it is not involved in the calculation of the picture structure, number of strips per image etc.).

We are also interested in a "legal way" to save image sequences (as in a video). There is a "registered" Tifftag called Framecount, but it is not read or written by TiffLib. You could use directories for that, but this is quite ineffective. Before loading such a file one has to check all dirs, whether the images all have the same properties or not, so that you can load them as a "film".

Any information would be appreciated.

Johannes Leckebusch