2009.09.11 16:15 "[Tiff] WORDS_BIGENDIAN used inconsistently", by Dwight Kelly

2009.09.15 23:31 "Re: [Tiff] JPEG images from Dwights sample code", by Toby Thain

On 15-Sep-09, at 6:48 PM, Kevin Myers wrote:

Brings up an interesting point regarding test images: All test images should probably be accompanied by a text description that provides some details regarding what the image is *supposed* to look like. Otherwise, it may not be apparent to someone testing their application whether the image is being displayed correctly or not. I don't know whether such descriptions have been typically supplied or not...

Or a copy in a relatively predictable file format, like PNG. :)


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> Richard Nolde wrote:
>> Dwight,

>> When I build the test file generator and run it with the CVS head >> version of libtiff from a couple of weeks ago on Fedora 11, I get

>> alternating stripes of black and white bands on all the images. >> However, the order of the bands is Black White Black White for

>>> all BUT

>> the Jpeg compressed images, and in those two the order is White

>>> Black

>> White Black when viewed with GraphicsMagic-1.3.6 2009-07-25-Q16.

>> However, Gthumb (Gnome Image Viewer), Gimp 2.6, and Geggie

>>> display all

>> the non-RGB images Black White Black White and all the RGB images
>> White Black White Black. Which is correct?

> Hello, monochrome and grayscale will be opposite than RGB.