1999.09.13 07:22 "uge G4 fax compressed TIFF", by Jacques Thiebauld

1999.09.14 04:59 "Re: uge G4 fax compressed TIFF", by Niles Ritter

I have a problem trying to read a TIFF containing a 75960 x 45000 pixels G4 fax compressed image! The TIFF library is not able to read it.

What happens when you try to read it? Any error messages? How are you reading it? (what libtiff calls or programs)?

That's over 3 gigapixels, so any program that tries to store the whole image at once might have some problems.

Jacques should try running "tiffinfo" and "tiffdump" on it to see whether the generating program stuffed the whole image into a single strip (bleh). If so, there is little hope, since the "strip_chop" trick in libtiff (which breaks dumb uncompresessed single-strip images into 8K pseudo strips) only works for uncompressed data.

Geez, even at 1000 dpi, this faxed image is 76 inches by 45 inches. How did anyone ever fit it into the fax machine (:-)? Perhaps it is broken up into tiles, and each tile is a page...