2003.09.23 07:14 "[Tiff] text to image", by handy@maltech.ne.jp

2003.09.27 07:50 "[Tiff] text to image", by Andrey Kiselev

I meant text file of human readable language (i.e. body of email), I need to rasterize/render it into array representing pixels to be fed into TIFFWriteEncodedStrip, to create a .tiff file..

It is not libtiff related problem. What do you need is a typesetting engine and you can choose from the simplest ones (enscript, a2ps) or advanced systems (groff, lout, TeX). As soon as you get typesetted layout in PostScript format you can rasterize it with Ghostscript. GS has its own TIFF writer, but if you need more advanced TIFF features like Group 4 compression or custom tag set you can use libtiff as the second pass on GS output.


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