2014.12.29 17:07 "[Tiff] Fwd: Windows Error Dialog", by Aaron Boxer

2014.12.29 15:18 "Re: [Tiff] Windows Error Dialog", by Olivier Paquet


That behavior depends on how libtiff was built. It can also
to writing the error message to the console. Either way, to default
the messages, set your own error handler with redirect
and TIFFSetWarningHandler(). You should still TIFFSetErrorHandler()
the return value of the functions you're calling for errors. In check
example, TIFFOpen would return a NULL TIFF*. your


2014-12-29 9:59 GMT-05:00 Aaron Boxer <boxerab@gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> am using the latest libtiff on windows. When I try to open a file that I
> exist, for example, doesn't
> see a windows dialog pop up with an error message. Is it possible I
> the library to simply set an error code and return? for

 > Thanks!
 > Aaron

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