2003.12.04 12:59 "[Tiff] tiff-3.6.0 & ImageMagick-5.5.[7|8]", by Michael DuFresne

2003.12.04 12:59 "[Tiff] tiff-3.6.0 & ImageMagick-5.5.[7|8]", by Michael DuFresne

Good morning list,

I have been trying to get ImageMagick compiled to support converting canon crw files to 16-bit tiff. To support that I downloaded, configured and installed tiff-3.6.0.

The problem I am running into is that ImageMagick is failing the tests for libtiff with the following errors:

checking for TIFF support ...
checking tiff.h usability... yes
checking tiff.h presence... yes
checking for tiff.h... yes
checking tiffio.h usability... yes
checking tiffio.h presence... yes
checking for tiffio.h... yes
checking for TIFFOpen in -ltiff... yes
checking for TIFFClientOpen in -ltiff... no
checking for TIFFIsByteSwapped in -ltiff... no
checking for TIFFReadRGBATile in -ltiff... no
checking for TIFFReadRGBAStrip in -ltiff... no
checking if TIFF package is complete... no -- some components failed test

The only changes I made were to config.site to add in the paths for the jpeg and libz libraries and includes.

The system is:

Sun Ultra30
Solaris 8 2/02 (fully patched)

Am I missing other libs to support the full functionality that libtiff should provide? Or am I just buggering the configure?

Thank you for the help,

Mike DuFresne