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2006.09.26 04:45 "Tiffcrop beta available for testing", by Richard Nolde
2006.09.26 04:55 "Re: Tiffcrop beta available for testing", by Bob Friesenhahn
2006.09.26 05:17 "Re: Tiffcrop beta available for testing", by Joris Van Damme
2006.09.26 05:43 "Re: Tiffcrop beta available for testing", by Joris Van Damme
2006.09.27 04:21 "YCbCr data in tiffcrop", by Richard Nolde
2006.09.27 12:50 "Re: YCbCr data in tiffcrop", by Joris Van Damme

2006.09.27 04:21 "YCbCr data in tiffcrop", by Richard Nolde

Joris / Bob/list,
    The routines that I am using for reading and writing the data are
    exactly those used in tiffcp now and they handle strips and tiles in
    contiguous and separate planar configurations. I found no indication
    that they made any distinctions based on the color model or compression
    since they call low level libtiff routines to handle the codecs. They
    are documented as delivering the uncompressed data to the specified
    buffer in scanlines or tiles as requested. I deduced by experiment, that
    this buffer is always arranged as plannar config contiguous for all the
    sample formats that I have been able to handle correctly.  I surmise
    that YCbCr data comes in differently because the resulting image is
    shifted half an image width and badly color shifted but vaguely
    recognizable when I try to mirror it horizontally. When mirrored
    vertically, it gets chopped up into 4 quadrants with a stripe in the
    center.  Based on the explanation of YCbCr, which is admittedly over my
    head, my simple copying and/or chopping of portions of the image based
    on bits per sample and samples per pixel is probably not going to work
    here unless I can reorder the data in the read buffer to resemble a
    multi-byte per pixel sample with a known number of bytes to grab for
    each pixel. RGBA works fine, but  the sequence described by Joris
    doesn't look too promising for pointer offset slicing and dicing. I
    don't need YCbCr for my project but I wanted to try to support all the
    options that tiffcp does since tiffcrop is a superset of tiffcp. Given
    an infinite amount of time, I would like to add more functions like
    multi-page splitting capabilities found in tiff2ps so that one image can
    be spread over multiple output images.  Tiff2ps relies on the Postscript
    mask operator to do this but it is very inefficient storage wise as it
    keeps a copy of the entire image for each page and just masks off
    different regions each time.  My code from tiffcrop could be ported to
    tiff2ps to store only the cropped portion in each image.
 Richard Nolde
 Joris wrote: 
>  Joris wrote:
 This applies to all forms of
subsampled YCbCr, uncompressed, LZW compressed, flate compressed,
whatever. Unfortunately, the LibJpeg library returns another
organisation, and a convertion needs to be made...
     I meant, a convertion needs to be made inside tif_jpeg.c, that may not
have been clear. The purpose of this conversion is to take data
organisation as returned by LibJpeg, and reformat it into the
compression-independent organisation that is assumed by the rest of the
library, thus making all subsampled YCbCr organisation uniform.

I think there's currently a bug left in exactly this part of tif_jpeg.c,
presumably, seeing the output of some image, but I've not yet had the
time to investigate properly. This may additionally make it hard for
Richard to add subsampled YCbCr support inside tiffcrop, unless he
chooses to work from uncompressed subsampled YCbCr testimages and drops
the use of JPEGCOLORMODE_RGB if he's using it right now, which I'd
recommend anyway since that is the single shortest path to full
compression-independent support for subsampled YCbCr.

Best regards,

Joris Van Damme
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