2005.03.30 00:18 "[Tiff] RFC: fast 'copy free' tiff decoding", by Ron

2005.03.30 13:40 "Re[2]: [Tiff] RFC: fast 'copy free' tiff decoding", by Jean-Yves Le Ridant

Hello Ron,

They are all very nice sentiments, but where in your experience did I suggest we ignore them?

It was a reply to Priyanshu, whose quote seemed associate me with "wheel rewriters".

In fact exactly what I was proposing was 'less change'. Less change of the data we are interested in, which would indeed be beautiful.

Of course.

And my 12 bits JPEG low compress of huge semi-rendered scans are in turn multiscan JFIF full compliants. So encapsulate them in a very tiff right way tiled/stripped would be straightforward. ;-)))

I know who taylor was, and exactly what I'd do to his neck if he was still alive and walking down my street on a dark night. I think you've confused this with the guy who did things that were previously impossible -- what was his name...

Probably I confuse.

I intended "taylorisation" for the bad aspect of specialisation. ( in our case, little gain of efficiency for one job, for big loss of others potentialities ).

(who presently has intel doing the hard work to speed most things up)

Arf! I'have seen a world where jpeglib v7 had support for MMX/SSE IEEE1180 DCT/iDCT. I awaked in my bed.

Dramatic, terrific experience of mapped TiffOpen was on Win 2000 systems.