2006.09.27 10:01 "[Tiff] help", by Robert Scheck

2006.09.27 13:47 "Re: [Tiff] help", by Joris Van Damme


In the output file there are new tags:

This TIFF is hopelessly corrupt. You should complain to whoever wrote it.

I think you may have missed the line where Robert says 'In the **output** file there are **new** tags'. It is my understanding he himself write this file, using the code he showed us. Hence, it seemed this problem was similar to previous trouble I've seen, where YCbCrSubsampling tag got added though it didn't apply and all. I suspect we're seeing some sorts of defaults that are inititialized as soon as Compression tag value is set to JPEG, even if nobody ever asked for them, though I cannot investigate at this time so this suspicion is not confirmed.

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Joris Van Damme
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