2017.12.21 14:14 "[Tiff] Pull request to add ZStandard/ZSTD codec", by Even Rouault

2017.12.21 15:49 "Re: [Tiff] Pull request to add ZStandard/ZSTD codec", by Kemp Watson

It was Adobe, and this was the link:


Leonard Rosenthol, on this list, was going to ask Adobe to reinstate the registry (and the corresponding TIFF Tag registry).

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My main question is who manages the allocation of TIFF tags/values?

Pretty sure it used to be Adobe. Don't know if they still do but I would not commit that without at least trying to get in touch with them. I think there's at least one person from Adobe on this list.

I've auto-allocated:

#define     COMPRESSION_ZSTD            34926   /* ZSTD */

Is there any logic behind that value? Or did you just smash the keyboard? :)