1999.07.15 23:47 "RGB Gradient Code, adapted from Andreas Neumann", by Eric B. Middlecamp

1999.07.16 06:23 "Re: RGB Gradient Code, adapted from Andreas Neumann", by Niles Ritter

I made a simple extension to Andreas Neumann's gradient code, (see http://www.gis.univie.ac.at/strv/strv/leute/andi/computer/graphics/raster-formats/example_tiff_main.html) but the output TIFF image has some odd contamination. Looking at the image, you wouldn't be able to tell -- however a histogram reveals that some levels are omitted and others are doubled.

Has anyone else experienced bizarre anomalies like this?


I just ran your little routine, and got a perfect 0-255 vertical gradient. Are you sure your monitor is on true 24-bit color and not 16-bit or 8-bit? Try running "tiffinfo -d" on your image to look at the values.